Civil Society


Civil society, made up of non-governmental organisations, private citizens, informal groups, weigh in on the debate/decision-makers by making their voices heard and by swaying the public opinion in their favour. Through a motley multitude of actions and channels, these stakeholders have been able to reorient governments’ priorities, funds and agendas. They possess significant influence and serves as not just our societies' moral conscience, but also as a pool of creativity and solutions ready to be explored, tested, and improved.

They work in close association with other stakeholders to bring out positive social and environmental impacts. NGOs help in spreading awareness by organising workshops and identify key areas for improvement. A variety of forms of civil society action, including non-governmental organisations, have managed to refocus the government's priorities and funding agendas.


Several independent and non-governmental organisations, including TERI, CSE, WRI India, and others, are stepping up their efforts to address climate change and sustainable development. These organisations do research, lobby for, and promote the importance of equitable and sustainable development, and propose cross-industry solutions to climate change and sustainable development.

  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
    CSE is a public interest research and advocacy organisation established in New Delhi. It conducts research, advocates for, and communicates the significance of equitable and sustainable development. The operations of CSE revolve around five key programmes: Knowledge Portal, Education and Training, Public Awareness Communication, Research and Advocacy, and Pollution Monitoring.
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  • The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
    TERI is an independent organisation with specialisation in research, policy, consulting, and implementation. They are successful activists and innovators in the sectors of energy, environment, climate change, and sustainability, having paved the way for dialogue and action in these areas for more than four decades. TERI's work is cross-industry and focuses on the following topics. Increasing resource efficiency, Increasing the availability and use of environmentally friendly inputs and activities and Reducing environmental and climatic effects.
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  • Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
    Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti) seeks to facilitate India’s transition to a cleaner energy future by aiding the design and implementation of policies that promote clean power, energy efficiency, sustainable urban transport and climate action. Working collaboratively with policymakers, civil society, industry, think tanks and academia, Shakti seeks to catalyze transformative solutions to meet India’s energy needs in clean and sustainable ways.
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  • Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)
    CEEW is one of Asia’s leading not-for-profit policy research institutions. CEEW uses data, integrated analysis, and strategic outreach to explain – and change – the use, reuse, and misuse of resources. CEEW works in the field of Energy Access, Renewable, Industrial Sustainability & Competitiveness, Power sector, Low-Carbon Pathways, Risk & Adaptation, Technology, Finance & Trade and Energy Finance.
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  • Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG)
    GEAG is an NGO that undertakes development initiatives to impact positively the lives of the poor, deprived and marginalized sections of the society through a people-centred approach focusing on their participation, awareness and empowerment for sustainable development. GEAG has been addressing issues of sustainable agriculture and livelihoods, rights and interests of small and marginal and woman farmers, community health, training and capacity building. GEAG has also started gearing up its efforts towards climate change adaptation and helping communities to build resilience against its impacts, both in rural and urban settings.
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S.No Acting Organization Thematic Area Project Name Funding Agency Approved funds (Million USD) Status
1 Sainik Foundation Land degradation Swasti-V land management measures for rejuvenation of biodegraded Yamuna Ravines at Pratapner GEF (SGP) 0.042 Closed
2 Muskan Jyoti Samiti Climate Change A low cost, locally adaptable sustainable approach to Agri0Bio Waste management for organic agriculture GEF (SGP) 0.045 Closed
3 Winrock International India Climate Change Techno-social and energy saving interventions for improving the reliability of pots in glass melting furnaces GEF (SGP) 0.025 Closed
4 Food for Life Vrindavan Climate Change VISWAS-Phase 2- Vrindavan initiative for sustainable & Holistic waste administrative systems GEF (SGP) 0.036 Closed
5 Friends of Vrindavan Climate Change Scaling up of the waste recycling and check burning of waste with the communities of practice i.e. “Vrindavan Kuda Prabandhan Pariyojana” GEF (SGP) 0.043 Closed
6 Schumacher Center Climate Change Community approach to alternative energy sources GEF (SGP) 0.041 Closed
7 Sarvangeen Vikas Samiti Climate Change Creating alternate fuel system through biogas plant in poor remote areas and dissemination of organic farming practices for sustainable agriculture and better livelihoods GEF (SGP) 0.015 Closed
8 Aarohi Biodiversity Natural resource utilization by user groups and herb producers organizations in the central Himalayas GEF (SGP) 0.016 Closed
9 Himalayan Man and Nature Institute (HIMANI) Biodiversity Establishing a center for Biodiversity and Natural heritage in Kumaon Himalayas GEF (SGP) 0.016 Closed
10 ADHAR Climate Change To scale up activities of chrome 6 remediation of underground water along with demonstration & dissemination of  soft leafy mass based bio gas plant and wood efficient fuel stoves GEF (SGP) 0.038 Closed