Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable


Uttar Pradesh envisions making all cities and towns inclusive, safe, resilient, disaster-proof, slum-free and sustainable with access to smart-IT enabled governance systems. All citizens will have basic urban amenities as per norms – transport facilities, street lighting, adequate, safe and affordable housing, and a clean, healthy and liveable environment. Towards a sustainable urban environment, the government is committed to creating green and open public spaces, upgrading slums and conserving cultural heritage.


Strategies aimed at urban poverty reduction and infrastructure development. This will include urban

transportation, improvements in water supply, sewerage, drainage and sanitation facilities, waste management, up-gradation of basic services in slums, housing, and creating conducive liveable urban environment (green spaces, recreational and public spaces like parks). Improving urban governance and institutions for effective, transparent and accountable delivery of urban services are also the core strategies.

Other strategies include:

  • UP Urban Transport Directorate will focus on improved services through GPS and GPRS enabled services and bus stations to provide safety, timeliness and adequate frequency along with gender-sensitive and disabled-friendly features and common mobility cards.

  • Reporting carbon footprints saved and released by industries will be ensured through their annual reports and compliance reports for appropriate regulations and support.

  • Zero discharge and waste management along with resource recovery systems to switch to clean fuels will be insisted on for industries and big infrastructure.

  • Implementing the recommendations of energy/water audit through public-private partnership (PPP) in all cities with one lakh+ population.