Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns


The state envisages a society that is oriented towards sustainable consumption and production and maximises the potential to transform environmental challenges into economic opportunities and provides a better deal for producers of goods and services as well as consumers. Responsible production and consumption will be promoted as a core value of sustainable living and development in the state through regulatory frameworks, consumer awareness and by encouraging cleaner and greener production systems.


  • This goal requires that every single individual in society has equal stake and responsibility in achieving the targets by acquiring an alternative world view and lifestyle. The major challenge, therefore, in formulating strategies under this goal would be to balance four exigencies: 

  • need for economic growth and increase in employment, 

  • increased demand for production – goods and services – and managing the waste, 

  • supporting the consumption of the poor to reach minimum living standards and, 

  • regulating the high levels of consumption of the privileged and their quality

  • The state government will develop a comprehensive environmental policy, which will cover the range of issues to be addressed from the perspective of production and consumption practices as well as conservation of resources and reduction of waste. Other strategies include:

  • Promotion of energy and eco-labelling for responsible consumption and production.

  • For initiating interventions to mitigate climate change, the focus will be on agriculture, forest, urbanisation, energy and pollution.

  • The state will make efforts to promote responsible media and the entertainment industry to support responsible production and consumption.