Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development


Uttar Pradesh is committed to strengthening the necessary conditions and capabilities to implement the social and economic policies that will enable the achievement of sustainable development goals. Creating a welcoming environment for businesses, particularly in the information technology (IT) sector, will be one of the core pillars of its progress towards this goal and it envisions being the most preferred destination for investors in the country. IT will be leveraged as an engine of growth as well as a catalyst for a better quality of life, offering opportunities for participation, especially for the marginalised and poor.


  • Partnership with the private sector will be fostered and strengthened for PPP as well as non-budgetary resources for development.

  • The state will also identify the sectors, tasks and needs that the private sector caters to in a major way and allocate responsibilities accordingly, to reduce the enforcement cost borne by the government, thereby widening the scope of corporate social responsibility.

  • Engagement with the non-governmental sector or civil society will be to spread awareness of entitlements among people and in communicating social behavioural change, especially to vulnerable sections.

  • They will also be partnered for strengthening citizenship rights through platforms such as Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND), School Management Committee (SMC) and Gram Sabhas.

  • UP-SDG VISION 2030 contains the collective wisdom for common goals and shared responsibilities for achieving inclusive and sustainable development of the state for the next 13 years. It also envisages sustainable development as an engagement between the state and the citizen and partnership between the public and private sectors, which in turn implies that every citizen has to make individual commitments and efforts to protect the environment and contribute to the interventions to reverse the climate change impacts. Towards this, SDG has to be the sine qua non of every business and the norm for all aspects of life.

  • The state will optimise all its machinery to popularise and sustain the commitment through programmes, curricula, media, community platforms, business endeavours, etc. SDG targets will be integrated with the planning processes of Gram Panchayats and Urban local bodies. It will also be taken to divisional and district levels so that implementation and monitoring at every level is aligned to SDGs.

  • The annexure that contains SDG integration into Gram Panchayat Development Plan as `low cost and no cost activities' that Gram Panchayats can take up is just the beginning in the right direction.