Goal 4: Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


The state of Uttar Pradesh is committed to ensuring that all children, adolescents, and youth, irrespective of gender and other social categories, access quality elementary education, including early childhood development, and have equal opportunities to continue higher education. The state will stress education that imparts knowledge, life skills and democratic values and attitudes.


  • The state envisages four pillars of educational interventions –Expansion, Equity & Inclusion, Excellence and Employability. Guided by these, the state will develop strategies, roadmaps and customised interventions for pre-school education up to higher education and literacy-related programmes. Expansion efforts will ensure universal coverage while the focus on equity and inclusion will ensure that all girls and boys, adolescents, children with disabilities and youth from marginalised communities receive equal opportunities along with benefits from targeted interventions.

  • The state will be adopting a progressive approach where priority for the first five years will be to ensure that universal coverage with assured equity is achieved along with quality learning outcomes in early childhood care and education (ECCE), elementary and secondary levels.

  • To reduce inequality in the long run, emphasis will be given to the development of cognitive capital of children to ensure a fair and equitable start for all children.

  • The education system will be revamped to promote gender-sensitive content, valuing sustainable living and citizenship rights and duties.