Goal 5: Gender Equality 

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls


The Government of Uttar Pradesh is committed to achieving a gender-just society through progressive interventions to influence the social ethos and infrastructure, where women and men have equal and adequate access to markets, resources, services, benefits and development opportunities, possess equal voice and autonomy in key decisions that influence their lives and society, enjoy equitable participation and leadership position in governance, and live a life free from all forms of discrimination and violence based on gender identity.


  • To achieve gender equality, the state will adopt three-tier strategies.

  • The first tier of strategies will be to ensure that basic rights are protected through progressive policy and programme interventions – right to be born, right to survival (health, nutrition, water and sanitation, right to development and protection (education, life skills, free from gender-based violence).

  • The second tier will focus on supporting interventions to overcome the social, cultural, and religious norms that prevent girls and women from achieving their full potential in education, labour market participation, economic and emotional independence.

  • The third tier will be to promote citizenship rights through participation in politics and governance and combat socially sanctioned practices that are in conflict with the law, such as child marriage, domestic violence, etc.

Specific strategies include:

  • Developing Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Policy to guide the state empowerment mission.

  • Innovative efforts to address the skewed child sex ratio by promoting alternative models to patrilocality, lineage and customary rituals.

  • Special efforts to increase the work participation of women in the labour market through gender-sensitive public policies and systems such as transport, school timings, arrangements for the care of young ones and the elderly etc. Initiatives will also be in the direction of skilling women in non-conventional, non-gender stereotype tasks.